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Rosenblatt with bassist Joel Kerr, master oud player Ismail Fencioglu and the illustrious Joe Grass on guitar/mandolin. This wide assortment of music and talent draw on jazz, and blues along with traditional Turkish and Jewish styles.

Mundial Montreal is a world music festival and conference. This includes a great mix of presentations, getting to meet professionals in the industry and of course great music. Tons of AMAZING shows at the fest including Socalled with Elisapie.

Siach Hasadeh is Yoni Kaston on the clarinet and Joel Kerr on the double bass. They’ve added a cello, violin and just for this special performance, a harmonica. Before they lock themselves in the recording studio for the later half of winter, they’ve decided to a give us a hint of things to come.

Exhibiting “Yiddish Gangster” as their core repertoire, Orkestar Criminal joined forces just one month ago to scam some POP Montreal passes. Check them out with Dear Criminal this Halloween at Divan Orange.

THE FUZZ is a picture of the underworld by – where ideas are projected into space from bodiless minds. The video and paintings in this exhibition are the collective hallucination or the synthesized projections of four bodiless minds as they journey through a black and white paper rainforest. Vernissage: Saturday, October 13th

Shtetl gets in Le Mood for Montreal’s Festival of Jewish Learning, Arts and Culture. Liel Leibovitz, Leonard Cohen, satellites and celebrities, Jewish pirates, Punk Jews, Death Row Jews; and the “a-pork-alypse” today on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

An intricate temple is built at Burning Man each year to house the offerings of all those who spend the week at the festival. On the last night all the offerings and the temple are burned. Montrealer Alain Starosta’s photos capture this year’s temple and it’s destruction.

In his last interview with Jewish media, Daniel Sieradski of Occupy Judaism talks about why the Jewish world needs rebranding and how Jewish ethics are relevant to Occupy Wallstreet & Snowblink sings a live rendition of the Yom Kippur prayer: Kol Nidre.

Read Shtetl’s interview with post-denominational rabbi-in-training Ari-Lev Fornari. We talk about how to forgive when you really don’t want to, trans and gender issues in Judaism, and, the age old question- what is the Torah anyway?

Every religious tradition has a time in the year when adherents are expected to cleanse or fast. Muslims have Ramadan, Catholics have lent, and Mormons fast on the first Sunday of each month. In Jewish tradition we have 10 days between the Jewish new year of Rosh Hashanah and the fast day on Yom Kippur to cleanse our minds, bodies and spirits