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On this episode of Shtetl Middle East:
Tel Aviv and Istanbul dance simultaneously at Sound Ports Music Fest .  Artist Joseph Dadoune  talks about South Tel Aviv, a desert border town called Ofakim, Jerusalem and the spiritual healing power of hemorrhoid cream! Choreographer  Aharona Israel brings a dance Marathon to Montreal,  and we visit ultra-Orthodox musician Avrum Burstein in a basement in Jerusalem where everyone is invited and the klezmer comes with kugel and vodka.

Music playlist for this episode
Krista Muir (Shtetl theme song)
Dudu Tassa and the Al-Kuwaitis ft Riff Cohen
Burstein Klezmer Basement Band
Gaya Su Akyol
Eyn Sof
Omar Suleiman
Background music by Dave Tarras, Eyn Sof and Istanbul Oriental Ensemble & Burhan Öçal

Happy Purim les amis!!