Shortwave | A-WA! It’s Passover!

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Why is this episode of Shtetl different than all other episodes? Because it’s the 6th one from the Middle East,  because we’re gonna meet the three sisters of a hot new Yemenite electro-hip hop band called A-WA, and because we’re playing a selection of alternative tunes from the Shtetl bondage and slavery Passover playlist.  If you’ve never had cactus wine at a an Exodus festive meal…you gotta listen to this playlist.

Peace and freedom for all!
Chag sameach.
xox, Shtetl

Music on this episode by Kid Loco, Lederhosen Lucil, Socalled (2 songs from the Hip Hop Seder), A-WA, Darondo, Jonathan Richman, System Ali, Sons of an Illustrious Father, Bernie Knee, and The Game.