Shortwave | Muslims & Jews Together in Sarajevo

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This past June 100 Jewish and Muslim youth came together in Sarajevo for the 4th annual Muslim Jewish Conference.  We talk with Viennese conference founder Ilja Sichrovsky about why on earth he would want to start such a crazy gathering.

Music in honour of Montreal photography maven Susan Moss who has shot everyone from Iggy Pop, Cat Power, Florence and the Machine, Snoop Dogg and all the bands at  Osheaga: the mega music fest happening this weekend in Montreal.

Don’t miss the tales of Chassidic rebellion as the author of The Psychosexual Development of the Jewish Heretic recounts a story from his days as a young Yeshiva-bocher.

And, a live performance by Matthew Wiviott and Jill Campbell off his chinese harp cover album Guzheng Goes POP!

Music by Charles Bradley, Guzheng Goes POPCat Power, Gonzales (solo piano), Azealia Banks.