Events | Klez Kanada Concert Series

August 20 – August 26, 2012.

This year’s Klez Kanada is bringing together another line-up of international and local musicians around the themes of Jewish Carnival and Yiddishkayt in South America.

Some highlights of the evening program include:

OPA! St. Petersburg

The premiere klezmer-ska-punk party band from St. Petersburg, Russia makes their North American debut at KlezKanada, starting our week in celebration, music and dance.

Buenos Aires Soiree

Jacinta and the amazing Lerner Moguilevsky Duo lead our celebration of Yiddishkayt in Latin America  – both in their KlezKanada debuts. A native of Buenos Aires and living in Paris, Jacinta is a singer, guitarist, actress, master of Yiddish tango and much more. Marcelo Moguilevsky and César Lerner present multi-instrumental and vocal mastery and an electric performance that infuses klezmer with Argentian folk music, jazz, contemporary music and tango.

Read the full program to find out more about this year’s line-up!

Camp B’nai Brith, Lantier, Quebec