Events | Makolet – A Play in Hebrew

Sunday, November 5, 2011. 8:00pm

Makolet is a period piece about a family of holocaust survivors in 1970 Tel-Aviv. Laytshe is running a small grocery store, her husband Yossel has a penchant for spending money on things they don’t need, and her journalist brother-in-law, Arraleh, is sleeping on the floor of her store. Meanwhile, her son Tankhum is part of the first generation to be born in Israel and has no patience for his parents and their Diaspora life style.

The story begins when they finally get the news that the German government has agreed to pay Jewish business owners compensation for what they lost during World War Two.

Laytshe decides to sell the store and move to a better neighborhood, but things aren’t going quite as she planned. With lovers’ quarrels, gold diggers and thieves, mayhem ensues…

Makolet is written by Hillel Mitlefunkt and directed by Aviva Ravel

The Gelber Center, 2 Carré Cummings Square