Events | Shtetl’s Picks at the Montreal Doc Fest (RIDM)

9 to 20 of November.

Every year, the Montreal International Documentary Festival shows about one hundred documentary films from around the world to audiences of industry professionals and cinephiles. Films are selected for their uniqueness and artistic merit, and cover several broad themes (social, political, environmental). The festival also hosts workshops, meetings and roundtables for the public, industry professionals and partners. It’s an invitation to look closely in order to see clearly!

Here are some films and events involving Jewish filmmakers and Jewish themes.

Retrospective of Frederick Wiseman and Master Class Event

Frederick Wiseman is a renowned documentary filmmaker and a law professor. He has been  making films for forty years. A number of his documentaries will be playing at the festival, including La Danse, which offers a backstage look at the Opera Ballet of Paris, and Basic Training, an investigation into nine weeks of “classes” on a Kentuky military base.

Wiseman will also be joining the festival via skype on November 13, 11:00 am, for a Master Class.

Ivan & Ivana

This film, directed by Jeff Silva, is about a couple that immigrates from Kosovo to the United States in search for a better life. It explores the challenges, hopes and disappointments of immigration today. This screening will be the Canadian Premiere.

Hula and Natan

This short film, by Israeli filmmaker Robby Elmaliah, features two brothers who own in a dilapidated garage in Sderot. It is a story about family struggle, as well as the absurdity of war.

Hitler, Stalin and I

This film, by Helena Treštíková, tells the story of Heda Margolius Kovály, a Czech woman who lived through concentration camps and the Stalinist dictatorship.

Work in Progress

Bill Stone documents a stone wall that takes eight years to build, and the ambivalent and unpredictable man who builds it.  The film was produced by Jewish Montrealer Frederic Bohbot. This screening will be the world premiere.

See the RIDM website for details about screenings and events.