Events | Zen Poetry Library Launch

Wednesday, October 19, 2011. 8:00 pm

Enpuku-ji Zen Centre will celebrate the opening of the Rumi Li Zen Poetry Library, with readings, wine and schmoozing, as one of the events of the 2011 Mile End Poets’ Festival.

In keeping with our biennial Montreal Zen Poetry Festival and the collections of festival guests’ works which we produce under the imprint of Enpuku-ji Press, we wish to establish an excellent in-house collection of works of contemporary and historical Zen poets…. We are starting with an almost complete collection of Gary Snyder’s work and writings about him and his work, as well as a collection of Philip Whalen’s work and one of East Asian poetry. The Zen Centre has also been gifted the extensive haiku collection of Marianne Bluger.The poets Jack Cain and Lena Dale Matthews Satorsky, chosen for their fine voices and great spirit, will read from our newly acquired Snyder and Philip Whalen collections as well as a set of poems of the 13th century Japanese poetess, Princess Shikishi. This will happen casually at several points in the three hours of the event.

Please feel welcome to stop by and view the library contents. Our festival collections as well as books of previous festival guests will be available for purchase. We will have draws for books and broadsides.

Enpuku-ji Zen Centre, 4620 rue Saint-Dominique

Free admission, donations to the Center are welcome.
The entrance to the Zen Centre is set back a bit from the street.  Go up the path to the left of the parking space, then through the garden gate on your right.
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