Shortwave | Jews, Africans & African Jews on the Shortwave

The Festival Sefarad de Montreal events highlight  Sephardic Jewish culture, including a comedy show by Moroccan Montrealer and funny-man: NEEV.  He can do any accent from North African men, to Quebecois men, to Jewish Bubbies (actually, I’m not sure about that one!) and has an interesting take on cultural identity in Montreal. He’s big on the comedy scene and his show is already sold out. Mais, ne soyez pas triste! You can catch him this week on Shtetl on the Shortwave.
Also on the show is an African Montrealer from other parts.  Stephane Waffo is the Chief Editor of Touki Montreal: an online magazine with everything a Montrealer needs to know about African arts, news and culture happening in our city.  Check out what this cool Cameroonian has to say about being African in Quebec and about connecting with the African Jews of La Belle Province.

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