Shortwave | yiddish princess on shtetl

If you’re looking for the sounds of fiddle, accordian, clarinet and Yiddish….you  need only get your tuchus (Yiddish for derrière) to the Laurentian mountains an hour north of Montreal. For the past 15 years, klezmer and Yiddish lovers have been getting together at KlezKanada for a week-long festival of Yiddish culture.  Young, old, Jewish or not, religious or secular…all are welcome to get bitten by the Yiddish culture bug.
Shtetl put her flip flops on and headed to KlezKanada for a day.  That’s where she caught up with Yiddish Princess (pop-rock klezmer band playing at the Sala Rossa this Monday night) and The Other Europeans -an incredible band bringing together world class klezmer and Roma musicians who’ll be playing as part of the upcoming Main; The Montreal Jewish Music Festival happening at the end of this month.
Music by The Barry Sisters, The Other Europeans, Yiddish Princess, Shtreiml, Beirut and Nayekhovichi

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