Shortwave | shtetl…where talmud and internet meet

Have you also been sitting by the lake this summer wondering how the Talmud (Rabbinical commentary on the Bible) might be relevant to your modern day existence? Do you ever wake up mornings and pray to Google for guidance? Find out how author Jonathan Rosen reconciles the ancient world of the Talmud and the chaos of our technologically advanced lives. Is it possible that the Talmud and the Internet have so much in common? Rosen’s truly poetic memoir, “The Talmud and the Internet” is a beautiful read on why the Jews are considered the people of the book. Food for thought for many a meandering canoe ride… I found his memoir “The Talmud and The Internet” at a cafe on St-Catherine Street. It was published in 2000, but hey, when you’re talking about Talmud, there is no time limit on relevance, right?! Music by The Barry Sisters, Antony and the Johnsons Snowblink and Freshlyground.
Wishing you many sweet and lazy summer days,