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Jewrhythmics, Araora, Basya Schechter, Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers, Rotfront, Sway Machinery, OPA!, Watcha Clan, Regina Spektor, Leo Fuld, Gypsophilia. If it’s Jewish and it’s music, it might be on this show.

Basya Schechter’s album Songs of Wonder puts music to the Yiddish poetry of activist and mystic Rabbi A.J. Heschel. And, Tzeporah Berman is the legendary environmental activist behind the Victoria’s DIRTY Secret campaign.

Pharaoh’s Daughter, featuring Basya Schechter, will be unleashing their Hasidic inspired tunes with Meditarranean flares at Dorshei-Emet’s annual Shabbat Shira concert.