Psoy Korolenko

JetLAG of Cultures

JetLAG music festival is a collision of cultures. Is it Russian? Jewish? American? One Russian Israeli headed to the festival to sort out the confusion.


sparkles and  mud
Operation Desert Stork

“I am now heading on a very long trip to two places, which for most of my adult life, I have been ambivalent about. And frankly, scared of. Parenthood and Israel. “

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How Hip is Hitler?

When is it ok to laugh at a madman from our not-too-distant past? What does it mean when we use fascist imagery in pop-culture? Niki Minaj just did it and so do many others. Erin Corber contemplates the trend.

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5775 Is Here!

Check out some of what Shtetl got up to in the past year. Let’s hope 5775 brings us all more weird and wonderful adventures in Jewish arts and culture! Shana Tova!!

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More Shtetl Magazine

mish mash
MishMash: East of Odessa

BJ Loomer unearths an obscure jazzy version of the Megillah in this first edition of MishMash: a semi-regular blog featuring random thoughts, partial impressions and musical preoccupations.

superbowl party
A Super Wasp-y Superbowl

Why does Jesse Toufexis seem to always fail at bringing Yiddish into WASP culture? After another failed attempt at this year’s Superbowl party, Toufexis does some soul searching to get to the bottom of this inadequacy.

Miss Sugarpuss: Waiting for Elijah

How did Holly Gauthier-Frankel find her inner Miss Sugarpuss? Shtetl speaks with this Montreal burlesque bombshell and gets the inside scoop.

best pap ever
Best Pap Ever!

“For better or for worse, I am very comfortable on my back with my legs spread, but my annual pap is an exception to the rule.” Find out what intriguing surprises await the young woman in Best Pap Ever! Happy V-Day everyone!

god at gyno
God at the Gyno

In this memoir, candid author Lick My Knish lets us in on the emotional roller coaster that was her worst pap ever.

Crossdressing in Palestine

Crossdressing came in very handy in Turkish-ruled Palestine, as Meir Arber a.k.a Delice, was easily able to cross borders dressed as a Bedouin woman.

Queers On Rye album cover
Schmekel in the Shtetl

Brooklyn-based punk-polka-rock gag band Schmekel weighs in on the ups and downs of crossing the gender divide. From dating,to being mispronoun-ed,to eating hamentashen off-season,band members Lucian, Ricky, Nogga and Simcha are 100% trans-parent.

Zohar Weiman Kelman
Zohar is Shabbos’dik

This picture of my Eastern European Jewish Drag King persona was taken by my father…In Toronto, I posed in the neighbourhood where my great grandfather worked as a Rabbi, after the family emigrated from Eastern Europe.

Jewish Education
A Jewish Education

In this piece the author takes us through her “education” as a Jewish girl in Montreal. From class issues, to the Holocaust, to adolescent awkward phases, interfaith dating, bad bar-mitzvah outfits and awful camp experiences, we are privy to a young woman’s struggle with her Jewish identity.

2011: The Year in Re-Jew

In 2011 I was gifted with a whack-load of worry, a solid dose of hypochondria and a nudging sense that I am either too Jewish or not Jewish enough. But more important: What were famous Jews complaining and catastrophizing about this past year?