Psoy Korolenko

JetLAG of Cultures

JetLAG music festival is a collision of cultures. Is it Russian? Jewish? American? One Russian Israeli headed to the festival to sort out the confusion.


sparkles and  mud
Operation Desert Stork

“I am now heading on a very long trip to two places, which for most of my adult life, I have been ambivalent about. And frankly, scared of. Parenthood and Israel. “

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How Hip is Hitler?

When is it ok to laugh at a madman from our not-too-distant past? What does it mean when we use fascist imagery in pop-culture? Niki Minaj just did it and so do many others. Erin Corber contemplates the trend.

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5775 Is Here!

Check out some of what Shtetl got up to in the past year. Let’s hope 5775 brings us all more weird and wonderful adventures in Jewish arts and culture! Shana Tova!!

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Letters to Shlomo Hammerstein

My dear mother had received a telegram stating that our beloved ninth-cousin-twice-removed Shlomo Hammerstein had passed away at the age of 102, in Wheatland, Wyoming. My mother, saint that she is, threw the note in the garbage.

J DATE_003
Too “Awesome” for JDate

It seems that everyone on JDate likes to laugh. I know this, because they make it a point to say “I love to laugh.” Well, here’s a little-known fact about me. I hate laughter. It’s like being stabbed in the ears by a yeti’s penis and having salt poured on the wound afterward. Just brutal.

no nice jew boys
No Nice Jewish Boys

I am a Jewish girl who has never dated a Jewish boy. I am a Jewish girl who has never been attracted to a Jewish boy. Anytime a man has dropped a Yiddish word or a Jewish summer camp reference in conversation, I have wanted to bolt. I have bolted. But why?

Joseph copy
Adam, Abraham, and The Passover Angel

Meet the hipster butcher, the Sudanese refugee, and the ranting post-shtetl Talmudist in Joseph Rosen’s account of a recent trip to Israel. The question is, can anyone save Passover this year?

A Passover Scandal
A Passover Scandal

In this hysterical story based on the Sholom Aleichem tale “A Yom Kippur Scandal” we are privy to the Finklestein family’s sacred 1st night of the Hockey Playoffs. A Hampstead family is shaken up by a crime that happens on Seder night. Will we find Uncle Morty’s diamonds? Justice must be served! But first, the help has to serve the soup.

Jesse, The Meatballs and the Brisket

When both boy and dog are hungry, who wins the battle for Grandma’s leftovers? Jesse Toufexis wages a war of guilt against his grandparents. But will the greyhound get the brisket in the end…

Milk and Meat shtetl(1)
Milk & Meat with Justin and Natalie

Justin is Jewish. Natalie is Catholic. Can this interfaith dating couple overcome Justin’s resistance to drinking milk with meat?

gaza main
Dear Gaza…

Read Deborah Kramer’s review of a film that portrays the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of two teenagers on opposite sides of the wall.

Jesus Moses
Jesus, Moses & Mohammed walk into a 1-hour photo…

Being Jewish is not a given in these parts, and I’ve watched with both fascination and horror as my daughter has tried to wrap her 5 year old brain around the Bible Belt’s pervasive piety.

Joseph Rosen (left) and Stephen Harper
Purim vs. Politics: Getting Wasted with the Enemy

In a mystical, Hasidic, or stoner interpretation, Purim represents a chance to see beyond the duality of good and evil. Author Joseph Rosen explains why we should all get wasted with the enemy, and just how hard that can be.