Psoy Korolenko

JetLAG of Cultures

JetLAG music festival is a collision of cultures. Is it Russian? Jewish? American? One Russian Israeli headed to the festival to sort out the confusion.


sparkles and  mud
Operation Desert Stork

“I am now heading on a very long trip to two places, which for most of my adult life, I have been ambivalent about. And frankly, scared of. Parenthood and Israel. “

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How Hip is Hitler?

When is it ok to laugh at a madman from our not-too-distant past? What does it mean when we use fascist imagery in pop-culture? Niki Minaj just did it and so do many others. Erin Corber contemplates the trend.

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5775 Is Here!

Check out some of what Shtetl got up to in the past year. Let’s hope 5775 brings us all more weird and wonderful adventures in Jewish arts and culture! Shana Tova!!

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Jewish potato latke takes on fried Persian kuku
Persian Pancake Battles Lithuanian Latke

“That puny Persian potato has nothing on my latka.” -Competitor at Shtetl’s latka (Jewish) vs. kuku (Iranian) cook-off. Judges:Billy (Monastiraki), Atigh (La Khaima), Khalifah, and The Mile-End Teenage Tasting Society.

Nicolas Roux's interview with Idan Raichel and Vieux farka Toure
Interview with Idan Raichel & Vieux Farka Toure

So many obstacles could have stood in the way of this collaboration: Raichel is an Israeli Jew and Touré is a Malian Muslim. Their countries don’t speak…but they do.

Psychosexual Development of a Jewish Heretic: Oral Phase

“We are all born with an instinct to suck. Without it, we’d die.” So begins this account of one man’s development as a Jewish heretic. In this 2nd instalment of the series, we explore The Oral Phase.

Dear Leonard...
Dear Leonard…

Check out these scenes from our tribute to you. Bagel Etc. became a radio studio crowded with wires, guitars, waitresses, cooks and Cohen fans. And everyone was singing their love to you! Hope to see you back in Montreal soon. Love, Shtetl

DeLeon_Tremor Fantasma
DeLeon Marries Ladino to Mariachi

Tremor Fantasma by Ladino indie-rockers Deleon- is an audio experience that can only be described as a melting pot of the world’s Sephardic communities on vacation in modern-day Mexico City.

Misdaventures of Greenbaum and Colman. Graphic by Audrey Colman
The True Misadventures of Greenbaum and Colman

It was 1942 and Colman and Greenbaum were eager to fight Hitler. But first they’d have to make it through basic training. Not an easy feat for these kibbitzers. Read Colman’s true account of their mishaps and misdemeanours.

Chassid-to-Apikores Illustration by Jacob Aspler
Psychosexual Development of a Jewish Heretic

How did Lamed Resh go from a Chassid to a heretic? Was it Boredom? Sexual appetite? Bacon? Resh turns to “Rebbe” Freud for answers.

Jesus, Germs & Plumbers Are Everywhere

So my plumbing went to hell, and my wife found us a handyman who boasted of his versatility in carpentry, toilets, bathtubs, and even in offering solace to those whose plumbing has gone to hell. I arrived home to find the emissary from the world beyond our dysfunctional Jewish drain pipes hard at work healing our ailing bathroom.

Bintel Brief graphic novel by Liana Finck
Dear Abby for Yiddish Immigrants

Decades before Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren there was Abraham Cahan and his Yiddish advice column, “A Bintel Brief.” First published in 1906, “A Bintel Brief” gave thousands of Jewish immigrants a place to turn with their heartbreaking and often absurd dilemmas.

Destruction of the Temple

Wandering in the desert, building temporary shelters, artfully decorating a space outside where the ancestors can visit. Some call this Sukkot, others call it Burning Man. Check out Secret Artist’s photo shoot of a Jewish side to Black Rock City, Nevada.