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Watch this installment of Milk & Meat, where Mel and Nick talk about being in an interfaith relationship.

Once considered seriously sinful, Judaic attitudes towards getting inked are changing. Adam Kovac speculates as to why the kids are branding themselves with Jewish marks upon the flesh.

When you think of the Rialto Theatre in Montreal, you’re more likely to imagine Halloweeners dressed in drag lining up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show than a soirée with separate seating geared to the Hassidic community.

I teach Jewish history in a land haunted by Christ. A land notorious for the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, swamps, gators, plantations, the Duke Boys and Roscoe P. Coltrane, mint juleps, critters and grits festivals.

Jewish mother and daughter light Shabbat candles in the documentary The Hidden Faith: Dominican Republic, a look at the small Jewish community in this Catholic Caribbean country.