This Is How We Jew It (At Le Mood).


Le Mood season has come and gone. Grumpy freelancer Adam Kovac gives us his take on the festival of arts, culture & learning that is forging new ground in Montreal’s Jewish landscape.

Recently heard on Shtetl

Ian Sternthal on Shtetl


Ian Sternthal is fighting the good fight when it comes to the battle of the book. Young independent publisher, Ian Sternthal has tales to tell on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

Shmata Blues


How fashionable are sexual ethics and workers rights? On today’s episode we talk with Oren Safdie: son of architecht Moshe Safdie, cousin of Dov Charney, and the Montrealer who wrote Unseamly a disturbing play about the politics of sexual harassment …

WTF is going on?!

Current events WTF is going on?!

WTF is going on?! Talkin’ current events: SodaStream, the quenelle, Woody Allen & Quebec’s secular charter. At the table: Fred Bohbot, Mireille Silcoff, Jess Salomon & Joseph Rosen. Live @11am 90.3fm in Mtl or podcast it later!

Next Year in Berlin!

Part 2 of Shtetl Berlin: Next Year In Berlin.

Is Berlin the “Promised Land” for Jews?   We’ll let you know when Part 2 of our Shtetl audio tour of Berlin is taking off. No tickets required! Just your radio, headphones, or your good old-fashioned computer. We’ll hear from …

MuJew Music for the Halaladays


A Muslims and Jewish music collab: Epichorus band members Alsarah & Rabbi Zach Fredman talk Xmas lights, Fairuz, dialogue and Hebreo-Arabic love songs. Plus the kids from Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays!