Israel, Iraq, Isis & The Music of Dudu Tassa

Dudu Tassa1

Dudu Tassa brings Iraqi pop to Montreal for The Montreal Jewish Music Festival.

Recently heard on Shtetl

Art, Vandalism, Saints & Kol Nidre


You won’t see Miss Me’s face but you can see her art all over the city walls. Check out street artist Miss Me on Shtetl and hear her rendition of the kol nidre.

Street Scribes of Montreal

Ara Ball inside Adida Fallen Angel's art

Orthodox Jew Zrey Li was inspired by other-worldy signs (including a license plate) to bring his art to the streets. And, artist Adida Fallen Angel creates an epic library in the sea at Fresh Paint Gallery Montreal.

Summer Music Special


Mostly tons of unexpected Jewish music, and a little talk with former president of Green Party of Canada re.: Gaza/Israel. But mostly music!

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Palestine Loves Israel FB Campaign

Jewish restaurant owner Zane Caplansky sponsors Toronto Palestine Film Festival. 31 year-old Palestinian initiates the “Palestine Loves Israel” Facebook campaign. Hear from both of them on Shtetl.

System Ali on Shtetl

System Ali hip hop band from Jaffa, Tel-Aviv

Jaffa-based hip-hop band System Ali rap in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. They sing about their lives and what it means to build the home and they’d like to live in.